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This Automated Trading System is designed by our high qualified Technical professionals.

TechnoTrends continuously scanning and monitoring your trades.

Even when you are busy with your other works.

It includes Buy, Sell, Stop Loss, and Target with built-in Automated Trading System Design.

TechnoTrends works for traders and allows traders to do their personal work, and in the absence of trader TechnoTrends take care of his trades in profit way.Increase success ratio

Thus it is smarter way to earn more money.

Key Research is powered by pool of experience and talented technical professional to provide trader guaranteed win-win situations.

This is not magic.

This is 100% technical analysis software.

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Smart Auto Trade (SAT)

Smart Auto Trade (SAT) technically works as an interface between a Trading Strategy, which generates Trade Signals in Amibroker, Charting Software and your Trading Terminal. Whenever the trading stretagy generates BUY/SELL or SHORT/COVER signals on charts it is read by Smart Auto Trading Software and it send the corresponding Orders to your Trading Terminal which will be executed immediately.

Smart Auto Trade simply needs one time configuration after that it operates Trading Strategy and Trading Terminal smoothly. No human intervention is required.

Smart Auto Trade (SAT) Dealer Version

Apart from SAT client version Muilti Client Dealer SAT has following added features.

Super Fast Order Execution.

Bulk order option.

Can manage clients trading in a very simple way.

Can customize clientwise trading lots in a simple way.

Terminal Info option.

Unlimilited Scripts for Unlimited clients.

Dealer and Client terminal access.

User Friendly Settings and Working.

TechnoTrends Automated System

TechnoTrends Automated System is a package in which you will get.......

TechnoTrends Strategy Best tested profit making Amibroker Strategy.

Smart Auto Trade (SAT) for Entry, Stoploss, and Targets in Trading Terminal like Odin (Diet or Client), Nest, or Now

and all other related supports with third party softwares like realtime data for charting software, vertual private server (VPS) and other for making our trading fully automated.

AFL Writing and Modification

Key Research provide professional strategy writing service to develop customized financial trading strategies which can be used in amibroker or Meta Trader 4 platform.

You have to provide your detailed requirements to get a quotation. Your ideas and knowledge will be safe with us and we will not disclose any of your details and strategies to others.

We will code any complex algorithms which you do it manually.

AFL to DLL with Licence Manager

Key Research provides .afl or .mq4 files to dll conversion at a very low price and very high end security.

We will provide you an encrypted dll with or with out a license manager.

You can configure your license manager in any MSSQL database in your website. After configuring the license manager, the dll can be distributed to clients and the licensing period can be controlled through the license manager without accessing clients PC.

White Labelling Services

The Software White Label program consists of a completely rebranded software, carrying the partner's brand of choice, preferred color palettes and icon-sets.

Along with the rebranded software, we provide a license manager also.

You can give the rebranded application to 'n' number of clients and can do the trial license activation even without our permission.

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TechnoTrends Automated System

robot trading


Charting Software

TechnoTrends Amibroker Strategy generates high accuracy Entry, Targets and Stoploss signals which SAT uses for giving hadsome profit.

automatic trading

Smart Auto Trade (SAT)

Robo Trading Software

This Automatic Software Which reads signals generated by AmiBroker and execute them on Broker's Trading Terminal.


Trading Terminal

Broker's Online Terminal

Trading Software Provided by Broker Where Automated Trades executes By SAT Software,terminals may be: NEST/ODIN/NOW.

commodity auto trading

Smart Profit

In Just 3 Easy Steps

With the help of TechnoTrends Strategy and SAT software you will finally get handsome profit in your trading account.

More about TechnoTrends Automated System

TechnoTrends Working

  • TechnoTrends Automated Trading System can be easily installed and run in your computer with few software combinations.

  • 1. Amibroker charting software.

  • 2. Data feed for Amibroker.

  • 3. TechnoTrends Trading Strategy for Amibroker.

  • 4. Smart Auto Trade (SAT) or Robo Trader.

  • 5. Odin/Nest/Any other online trading software.

  • 6. Vertual Private Server, VPS (optional).

  • Our technical person will help you out to install all these software combinations in your computer or at VPS for you.

  • Once all these done now your Automated Trading System(TechnoTrends)is ready to trade for you.

  • Once You start using this TechnoTrends ATS software you will be impressed to see that how convenient and easy to operate this system with handsome profit returns.

  • TechnoTrends generates all trading signals buy, sell, target, stop loss.If the system generates a buy signal the robot ,Smart Auto Trade(SAT), will automatically buy the script at trading terminal, and if the system generate a sell signal the robot (SAT)will automatically sell the script at trading terminal. This auto trading robot (SAT) will help the trader to make handsome profit in any segment and in any capital markets.

How TechnoTrends Useful

  • 1. All human errors and efforts can be eliminated.

  • 2. Everything is automated…so all trades like buy, sell, target, and stop loss are putting automatically in client’s trading account.

  • 3. Trader doesn’t need to continuously watch for trades, thus he can remain calm as TechnoTrends

  • 4. Trader can effectively remove emotions like fear, greed and guessing for trading in market.

  • 5. No Learning Curve required trader can earn from very first day after installing TechnoTrends Automated Trading System.

  • 6. Regardless of whether trader working at their day jobs or sleeping… TechnoTrends constantly working and scanning profit trades for traders.

Paid Trial of TechnoTrends Automated System is available at 400 for 5 days (first time users)

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Best Services....Best Technology.... Leads to Best Profits...!

Pricing Table

Smart Auto Trade (SAT)

  • Converts AmiBroker Signals to put trades automatically

  • Works on Odin,Nest and Now Trading Software

  • We can Select Full Auto, Semi Auto or Paper Trades

  • Single subscribtion for all equity (cash,future,options) and commodity segments

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TechnoTrends Automated System

  • TechnoTrends Strategy

  • Smart Auto Trade Software

  • We Will Provide you REALTIME Charts Data for any one segment

  • Work for fully automated trading without much efforts

  • Assistance to install all software to your system

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Smart Auto Trade(SAT) Dealer Version

  • Unlimilited Scripts for Unlimited clients

  • Bulk order option

  • Super Fast Order Execution

  • Terminal Info option

  • Can customize clientwise trading lots in a simple way

  • Dealer and Client terminal access

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TechnoTrends Automated Dealer System with "VPS"

  • TechnoTrends Strategy

  • Smart Auto Trade Software

  • We Will Provide you REALTIME Charts Data for any one segment

  • You will get Virtual Private Server (VPS)

  • Work for fully automated trading without much efforts

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Smart Auto Trade(SAT) 3 Month

  • Smart Auto Trade Software (SAT) for 3 month

  • Works on Odin,Nest and Now Trading Software

  • We can Select Full Auto,Semi Auto & Paper Trades

  • Single subscribtion for all equity (cash,future,options) and commodity segments

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TechnoTrends Strategy

  • 100% Profitable Amibroker Strategy

  • Auto Buy-Sell Signal

  • Generates Automatic Buy,Sell With Target and StopLoss

  • Works on both Intraday and Positional Trades

  • Can Modity Parameters to set for more profits

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